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Siegfried line 1945

The Saar Offensive – Could the war in Europe have ended sooner than it did?

The French army launched the ‘Saar offensive’ on the 7th of September 1939 against the Germans due to the German invasion of Poland, as they promised. This French offensive on German soil was halted by the French commanding officers. But was that even logical as an estimated 90% of the German armed forces was at…
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Nijmegen destroyed after the mistaken bombing run

The mistaken bombing of Nijmegen

On the 22nd of February 1944 the city of Nijmegen, located in the Netherlands was shocked by loud noises, a shaky ground and a lot of dust. At 13:28 a squadron of American bombers dropped their bombs upon Nijmegen as a target of opportunity, but how and why was the historical city targeted? And was…
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