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This site is devoted to the study, research and perservation of historical and mainly military facts. For educational purposes only.


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War-docs is maintained by history enthusiasts. Our main purpose is to research and to educate people about the fascinating eras in our history which we shouldn’t forget.

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The Enigma machine

In war, intelligence can play a vital role in how battles will play out as it allows you to more accurately predict what the enemy forces are likely to do[…]

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The plane that changed the world

Which plane could possibly have this title? If you haven’t figured it out yet. No, she isn’t a fighter or a bomber. She is ‘simply’ a plane to transport passengers,[…]

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Siegfried line 1945

The Saar Offensive – Could the war in Europe have ended sooner than it did?

The French army launched the ‘Saar offensive’ on the 7th of September 1939 against the Germans due to the German invasion of Poland, as they promised. This French offensive on[…]

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